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Well, I'm back to pixel art and I got some sci-fi stuff for you.

This sprite pack includes six enemies: 

  • Watcher - Idle/Warning Idle(6/6 frames), Walk/Warning walk(9/9 frames), Warning ( 6 frames), Attack(17 frames), Hurt(8 frames), Death (13 frames).
  • Soldier - Idle (6 frames), Walk(9 frames), Jump(6 frames), Fall(4 frames),  Attack(8 frames), Hurt(6 frames), Death (15 frames).
  • ShieldMan(New) - Idle (6 frames), Walk (10 frames), Jump (6 frames), Fall (5 frames), ShieldDamage  (6 frames), Hurt (6 frames), Death (10 frames).
  • Assault robot(BigBoy) - Idle (6 frames), Walk(7 frames) Attack(10 frames), Hurt (6 frames), Death (13 frames).
  • Engineer - Idle (6 frames), Walk (10 frames), Jump(6 frames), Fall(4 frames) Attack(12 frames), Summon(13 frames), Summon Watcher(14 frames), Summon Assault robot (14 frames), Hurt (4 frames), Death (10 frames).
  • Turret(New) - Summon (14 frames), Idle (5 frames), Attack 1 (9 frames), Attack 2 (9 frames), Attack 3 (21 frames), Hurt(5 frames), Death (11 frames), Bullet(3 frames)

    Individual spites also included

License: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects, but You may not redistribute it or resell it.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sci-fi Cyberpunk Police v1.2.zip 463 kB

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Hey this is awesome. Mind chatting with me? Wanted to see if you do commissions. discord marsattacks#2679

Oh, thanks. Glad you like it. 
I'm sorry mate but I'm not doing this right now,  I've got too much work.  But you can still make suggestions about the next packs and chatting with me,  check out your discord


Really amazing work! Have you given any thoughts to adding a Tileset developed in the same theme?

Thanks, Leos! I'm glad to hear that. Yes, that would be interesting to me. But I'm not sure when exactly I can do this. My main job is taking a lot of time due to quarantine. But I will definitely continue to create content for this site.


Could you add a cyber punk detective to the pack with the same animations as the cop with the gun, shooting and ducking while shooting, reloading, etc.

Yeah, I can do that. Thank You for the concept.


nice,add jump animation if you can for the Soldier

Okay I'll do it for the engineer, too.

They're jumping. Enjoy. Thank you for the feedback, it's important to me.

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Any plans for extending this pack? Can I contact you?

Feb 22: Nice additions with the shield and new enemy.


Yeah, I'm thinking about a policeman with a riot-shield, maybe a turret for an engineer (the price of an asset will not change). Also, I'm gonna keep that style up for a while(some cyberpunk stuff). There'll be different factions, gangs, maybe main characters in the next assets. You can communicate with me right here or write to me at evgenii.luch.4@gmail.com

Alright, sounds good.